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District at a Glance

     This District came to existence as on 3-11-1989. Formerly it was the sub division of district Mohindergarh. NH-8 crosses through this District from Kapriwas Border (Gurgaon) to Jaisinghpur Khera Border (Rajasthan) about 40 KMS. Length and NH-71 passes through from Gurawra border (Jhajjar District) to Bawal NH-8 about 38 KMs. Besides this NH-71 B also crosses through from Rewari to Bhiwadi Rajasthan.

    The Railway Junction Rewari is one of the important junctions. There are 6 tracks which go to the various cities in the Country. There is a dry container depot at Rewari.  

    Most of people are peace loving and hard working. This District is primarily based on agriculture, but enough youths of this district are serving in Army, Para Military Forces and Police. HEROHONDA,  one of the most famous Auto industries of the country is situated in this District.


Geography:- This District is situated in south of the State. In north its boundary  touches to district Jhajjar, in South with District Alwar (Rajasthan), in west with Mohindergarh District and in the East with Gurgaon District.

Sub Divisions:-  There are 2 Sub Divisions namely Rewari Hqrs. and Kosli in this District. Each is headed by a DSP.


Area:- Area of this District is approximately 1594 Sqr. KMs.


Population:- Male              403034

                    Female          362317

                    Total              765351

These figures have been derived from the Census 2001. 


Other General Details:- This City relates to the last Hindu Emperor of Delhi Sh. Hem Chander Vikarmaditya and Kingdom of Raja Rao Tula Ram, the warrior of the 1st war of Independence i.e. 1857.  A lot of memorials of these are situated in city Rewari.


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